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Hephaestus - the Greek God of Creativity

Hephaestus - the Greek God of Creativity

Hephaestus - the Greek God of Creativity

To start off with a banger – when he was born, Hephaestus was thrown out of Mount Olympus by his Mother, the Goddess Hera because he was born deformed. Though in the future, he would be known as the greatest craftsman and was honoured and got his place in Mount Olympus, the abode of Gods.

What is more relevant to us is his lameness, and how he did not allow it to dominate him; because of which, he quite literally taught the art of creativity to people on Earth where they were wild and lived in caves – barely any difference between them and animals.

Creativity and conjuring up an image in one’s mind and manifesting it physically through our hands is something that makes us innately human and what separates us from animals (cute as they may be)

As with Hephaestus’ lameness, we all have our own version of it. In some form or the other, we have our own struggles and fight it however we can. Hephaestus toiled night and day in his forge, crafting swords, armour, battle helmets and various magical contraption for the Gods. Did you know – Pandora (of Pandora’s Box) was created from metal by Hephaestus!

While some of us, unfortunately, do not possess the magic of the Greek gods, we possess something that is invaluable that enables us to CREATE magic through our hands. We may not make a Pandora or literal magical artefact, but what we create is just as wonderous!


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