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Origins: Handmade Jewelry!

Origins: Handmade Jewelry!

Origins: Handmade Jewelry!

Hello, folks! Welcome to The Artist Tree, where everything handmade is appreciated!

I am of the opinion that you’re too special to be wearing something that is mass-produced! And when it comes to jewelry, it can make or break an outfit. Proper accessorizing is imperative, whether it be a blinged-out look or just a statement piece or two.

How you accessorize depends on your personal style and preferences, but wearing unique handmade pieces is such a classic way of self-expression! After all, mass-produced jewels just cannot compete with a well-made handcrafted chunky necklace or a delicately woven bracelet or a pair of beautiful tassel earrings.

Handmade jewelry has been around literally from time immemorial. There have been findings of jewelry made with seashells and small stones that have dated back hundreds of thousands of years!

Every ancient civilization including Roman, African, Egyptian and Indian has a rich history of making and wearing handmade jewelry, made with different styles, materials and uses according to their respective cultures!

Even with the rise of modern technology and machinery, the art of jewelry making is still alive and thriving. This is due to the fact that while machines are good at churning out large quantities of products, they cannot do what artists can – channel their heart and soul, and express their passion and creativity by letting art flow through their hands, painstakingly and meticulously implementing every detail as time flies by…

Kudos to all those who patronize handmade jewelry for recognizing its value and keeping the tradition alive!


All about appreciation - craftspeople and patrons alike!

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